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Policy in the field of IMS (Integrated Management System)

Atyrau Dastan Hotel provides accommodation and catering services.

Operating in a high competitive environment of the hotel business, for efficient operation and sustainability of the Hotel, the Policy on quality of services provided and food safety has been determined based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 22 000:2005, HACCP principles and the Legislative requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Having intentions to develop a unique brand and spread the integrated management system in the group of companies, we established the basic concepts in the implementation of our activities:

  • Service - we take an extra step in serving our guests with respect and friendliness, providing a sense of home comfort, despite being far from it.
  • Efficiency – the achievement of maximum results with the lowest costs (financial, human, temporary), due to competent management.
  • Friendliness - the desire and ability to show their respect, sympathy, interest in communicating with guests, colleagues, partners and show others a positive attitude and willingness to assist in a difficult situation.
  • Comfort - great attention to the creation of optimal working conditions and a favorable psychological climate inside the hotel, which help each employee to be efficient and enjoy work. Constant work to improve the professionalism of each employee.
  • Quality and safety – providing much better services for our guests than they expect. We work so that our guests can enjoy delicious, high-quality, safe food and the unique atmosphere of the hotel and restaurant.
  • Hospitality - We give Our Guests something that is priceless and so important in human relations - Care and Attention.
  • Providing guests with exceptional and individual services with the utmost care for guests' satisfaction, comfort and well-being.
  • Meet the expectations of guests, partners, employees, shareholders and the public, as well as the desire to exceed these expectations.
  • Preservation of long-term customers, long partnership with suppliers.
  • Respect - Great value for us is respect for Our employees and Guests, who are representatives of different nationalities and religions.
  • High-quality products and service - continuous monitoring of the quality of services and meals provided.

The hotel management undertakes to ensure the quality of services and food safety through:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of an integrated management system. Application of process and system approaches in activities.
  • Ensuring and continually improving food safety based on risk analysis. Involvement of the entire staff of the organization to meet the requirements of sanitation, hygiene, compliance with technology.
  • The pursuit of improvements in the field of control at all levels of processes, the establishment of measurable process criteria. Maintain up-to-date system documentation, quality and safety records. An analysis of its activities aimed at continuous improvement.

Management assumes responsibility and commitment to implement this policy in its activities.

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