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Rooms interior, cozy atmosphere. Abstract words cannot compare with reality. It is better just to have a look.


We are glad to offer you laundry services with modern equipment and a flexible schedule.

We use special technology where each type of impurities is processed with relevant laundering system. We use professional detergents which increase laundering effect and affect the impurities selectively. This shortens the period of mechanical exposure and thus prolongs the fabric’s lifetime.

You may trust your belongings to our high-skill staff and modern equipment. The experienced personnel will pay attention to your wishes and comments and will serve both single and corporate orders. We may also provide special delivery which saves newly ironed and starched look of the fabric.

Contact us and we will tailor a special schedule satisfying your demand and will be pleased to discuss variants of proving laundry service for you.

Let us highlight that our services are available both to our guests and residents of the city and companies in Atyrau.

We'd like you to look through our new professional equipment for laundry as this may help you feel more confident towards the laundry service.

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