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Health Club Hotel "Atyrau"

Before the training:

Before exercising please study the rules of attending the Health Club and manusla of simulators. Ask the administrator to give you instructions.

Also please ask your doctor how long and how fast you may walk or run. Please watch yout heartbeat. It should stay within the range recommended by your doctor. Only then the training would be good for your health.


Warming has a positive effect on body. It increases metabolism, relaxes the nervous system, restores vitality, improves mental capacity and immunity. Sauna is used for treating such diseaseas as atherosclerosis, initial stage of hypertension, rheumatism, diabetes and kidney disease.

Rules of taking sauna:

Before the sauna take a shower and be sure you've wiped dry with a towel. In any case do not wet your head and hair. They should be dry to avoid overheating.

  1. The first warm-up set: 3-4 minutes
  2. Leave the sauna and take a cool shower (18°C)
  3. Take a little rest: 20-30 minutes
  4. Make a second visit: 10-15 minutes

Body steams, and after the second warm-up set you may take more cool shower and make a short break (20-30 minutes). Then you may repeat visits but the entire session in the sauna should not exceed three hours.

After the procedure, you should re-take a shower and wash your hair. Sauna makes your body lose water and skin becomes dry after a shower, so you shouls use a moisturizing lotion or body lotion to prevent overdrying. Clothing should be put on only after you've cooled down.

Important to know

"Sauna newcomers" should lie on the middle shelf and keep the head and legs on one level, or legs a bit higher than the body and head. This position facilitates the work of the heart. If you can not lie, just sit down, but keep your feet on the same level with the body. Do not lower the legs down, do not stand in the steam room. This positions put you at risk for a heat strike, because air temperature at head level is 10-20°C higher than at the body level and especially the legs. In addition, your muscles and joints shouls are tense situation, which should not be tensed.

It is better to bathe in the supine position. This situation relaxes muscles of trunk and limbs. In order to evenly heat the entire body, you need some time to change position.

In the steam room always breathe with nose. One minute before exiting the sauna sit down to prepare the circulatory system to a standing position. Also stand up and do 2-3 light exercises. Coming out of the sauna do not immediately go to rest, you need to walk for 2-3 minutes and make breathing exercises. After that take a warm shower. Before re-entering make 3-4 exercises and take a warm shower for 1-1.5 min. To maintain the heat and continue sweating drink a cup of strong tea or vitamin-enriched drink. Do not drink in one gulp, drink in small sips.

Sauna clothing

Be sure to bring your towel. You will need it in order to lie or sit down. Also take a felt cap or a thick woolen hat in order to protect your brains from overheating.

Food and beverages before and after sauna

Do not have heavy meals and alcoholic drinks, including beer, before and after the sauna. You should restore your water-salt balance and drink water or green tea.

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