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060011, Kazakhstan, Atyrau

6 Satpayev Street

City Sights

There are many historical monuments of Muslim architecture, mostly ancient necropoleis, underground mosques and so-called “kulpytastar”. The region has a variety of significant signs of history, archaeology, architecture and monumental art. You may see over 1000 authentic exponents of decorative and ornamental arts from Russia and Kazakhstan, a unique collection of articles from precious metals, women adornments created in the early XIX by jewelers called "zerger".

The ancient city – Saraishyk

Saraishyk — one of the ancient monuments of Kazakhstan, a cradle of the Kazakh Horde. Initially the town was one of trade centers of Golden Horde, later - a capital of Nogay Horde. The town was a milestone of the Great Silk Road and was located on the trade route through Volga and Khorezm on Yaik river (now Ural river). Today a memorial complex "Khan Ordasy - Saraishyk".

Location: 50 km from Atyrau, Saraishyk village.

The mosque "Imangali"

"Imangali" mosque is in the heart of Atyrau city. A beautiful building of the mosque was built in 2000. This room is crowned by a large dome of a 7 m diameter inside height of 23 meters on the drum. You may visit the mosque at any time and join the celebration of Ramadan and Kurban Bairam and New Year by Hijri (lunar calendar).

Location: 15, Satpayev str.

"Uspenskiy Sobor" Cathedral

The cathedral was built in 1883. Total area is 230 sqm, capacity - 900 places. There you may join people of Atyrau in celebrating Easter, Christmas, Epiphany and other Orthodox holidays.

Location: 16, Taimanov str., corner of Gagarin str.

The regional history museum

The regional history museum is a cultural center, carrying out extensive work on the study, preservation and promotion of stories, spiritual and cultural heritage of Atyrau - one of the sacred corners of Kazakhstan. It was established in 1939 and now has over 1000 exhibits from paleontologic collection, samples of Kazakh craft work, the history of ancient cities and architecture.

Location: 3, Momysh uly str.